ARM Introduces World’s Most Energy-Efficient Microprocessor

by • On Mar 13, 12 6:55am • 1521 Views

On a press release, ARM Holdings today announced brand new design of a chip which they defines as the “World’s Most Energy-Efficient Microprocessor”. The 32 bit ARM® Cortex™-M0+ would be their latest addition of the Cortex family processor. ARM claims that their new processor would deliver ultra low-power, low-cost MCUs for intelligent sensors and smart control systems for various applications.

One of the greatest feature of this chip is that despite being a 32 bit processor, it would still use one third of the energy used by current 8 bit and 16 bit processors which ARM believes, will help users to migrate from older computing technology to the latest one.

ARM has already licensed their technology among two different firms. One is the NXP Semiconductors and another one is the Freescale. We’re excited to further strengthen our relationship with ARM as a lead partner in the definition, and first licensee of the smallest, lowest-power ARM Cortex-M series processor yet,” said Dr. Reza Kazerounian, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Automotive, Industrial & Multi-Market Solutions group.
Coretx M0 Family - ARM
“Ubiquitous network connectivity is useful for almost everything – from adaptive room lighting and online video gaming to smart sensors and motor control. But it requires extremely low-cost, low-power processors that still can deliver good performance. The ARM Cortex-M0+ processor brings 32-bit horsepower to flyweight chips, and it will be suitable for a broad range of industrial and consumer applications.” said Tom R. Halfhill, a senior analyst with The Linley Group and senior editor of Microprocessor Report.

ARM adds that its has designed the processor in a way that it would consume almost no power, when it is in sleep mode which also offer wireless connectivity when paired with modern Bluetooth or radio equipment. The company expects that the microcontrollers will sell for around 13-20 pence per device,  and it will charge its clients about a 1-2% royalty fee from that price on top of a licence charge.

You can find more information on Cortex M Series processor from here. (Via ARM)

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