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Box App LogoStoring and sharing files in the Cloud has become a very common practice now days. Whether you are talking about Dropbox or Microsoft’s very own Skydrive, they all provide more or less the same features with a limited amount of Free cloud space for single user. With the ever growing popularity among the mobile device users, the demand for cloud storing services will go up in upcoming years and that goes without even saying. Today I will talk about another cloud file sharing and storing service provider, Box which was founded back in 2005.

Box provides just about every single possible features that you could have expect from other providers from the same category. It has three different Pricing and Plans for it’s user, starting from Personal, Business to Enterprise. The very basic or the Personal accounts are absolutely free with some limitations. However, you still can get from 5-50GB of online disk space which I think pretty decent. In order to enjoy certain enhanced features like full text search, download stat, desktop synchronization, role based access, Google apps integration etc. you must think beyond Personal account which comes at a price.

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At the time of writing this post, the Business accounts were available for $15 per month which will give you 1,000GB of disk space to store and share files but single files can’t be any more than 2GB in size. If you think 1k GB of space is not good enough for you, definitely you can contact with Box for Enterprise level plans which I think is “not necessary”  for average individual users.

The GUI of Box apps (iOS and Android) are pretty much straight forward and pretty clean. If you are a tablet device user, I think it would be great for text editing, reading or viewing images. Smartphone users are limited by their screen size, so editing large documents might not be a pleasing experience. However, its good enough for little editing or for your final touch.

Here are some of the Cool features that you will enjoy from Box App:

  • Share files easily with a link
  • Quickly search for files and folders
  • Mark files and folders as favorites for easy access to content even if offline
  • Secure content with file-level encryption, a four-digit passcode and automatic logout when the app is closed
  • Upload photos and videos to your Box account
  • Open files in other apps installed on your device, like Documents to Go and GoodReader (iPads only)
  • Project files from Box to a TV, LCD monitor or projector via AV Out (iPads and iPhone 4S only); wirelessly stream content using AirPlay (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S only)
  • Wirelessly print to AirPrint-enabled printers (iPads only)
  • Upload multiple images, videos and files from the SD card (Android Devices only)
  • Add a widget to your home screen to see updates on files by colleagues (Android Devices only)

So, if you think whatever I said so far fits your Cloud file sharing and storing needs, go ahead and give it a shot. From my personal experience it was good for some extra disk spaces (50GB) for free, at least if you compare it with other service service providers.

Download Box App for Android Devices
Download Box Appfor iOS Devices

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