Michael Jackson: The Greatest of all time!

by • On Jun 28, 09 17:09pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 21:11pm • 879 Views

Michael Jackson

It’s been over three days that our King of Pop music “Michael Jackson” passed away. One of the very hardest truth that we all have to believe. Still I am dreaming that Michael didn’t pass away, he is still with us, he is still composing music & getting ready for his upcoming show.

On June 25, I went to my college early in the morning for some reason & got back to home at around 1 pm. It was really hot & sunny day so I was having some rest & turned on my PC to check my mail. I don’t know why I started reading news in BBC rather than checking my mail, suddenly my eyes got stuck with a news saying that Michael was rushed to hospital for some reason. BBC was broadcasting live so I started watching & that was it. At around 3 pm. they confirmed that Michael is no more. I couldn’t believe my own ear. I thought I heard something but couldn’t get that. I was sitting idle in-front of my PC for over 30 minutes but doing nothing. I thought they were wrong but I got the same news in LA Times and some other News sites too. I didn’t know how should I react or what to do. And you all know what append later on. Next day it was all over in the newspapers.

I really can’t remember much of about last two days, like what happen to him or who is doing what. The only thing that’s moving around my brain is that “Michael is no more”. It’s not that he was my friend or something, I didn’t even see him in real life but I feel like he was very close to us. I still can hear that he is singing “You rock my world you know you did”. I read many news, articles & watched many videos regarding Michael by now. So many words so many questions, thoughts about him. I am tired of about all these. I mean please give him a break, let the guy have some rest in peace. Michael gave us so much, now lets pay back & pray for him.

Michael, I don’t know where are you now or what are you doing. Wherever you are however you are, we all love you, love you so much. We will miss you. You are the true king, a legend & the greatest of all time. You will remain the same, at least to me.

R.I.P. Michael.

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