How to Rip Audio CDs into MP3 Format Using iTunes

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Music LogoI am one of those those guys who loves and enjoys literally any type of music. In fact, I am listening music now even when I am writing this very post. No, it doesn’t bother me at all rather it helps. Anyway, today I will be writing on how you can rip your favorite Audio CD tracks on your computer using iTunes into mp3 format. Let me be very clear, I don’t like aac, m4a, wma or whatever format people might suggest me. Yes, I know mp3 may not be the best compressed audio file format but I am sorry guys, mp3 still rocks.

For those, who are using iTunes to manage their huge collection of music tracks things are lot easier. iTunes comes with a built in CD ripper which can extract music tracks from audio CD in many different file format using different encoder (AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV & Apple Lossless). Enough intro, lets get started. At this point I am assuming that you already have iTunes pre-installed on your computer. However, if you don’t have it already, you can simply download it from this link for free.

Step by Step Guide to Rip Your Audio CD:
Step 1: Fire up your iTunes and insert your favorite Audio CD on your ROM.
Step 2: Take a look at the left hand side navigation panel. You should find something called “Devices” where your CD should appear. On the right hand side it will show all the tracks.
Screenshot of iTunes Audio Import
Step 3: Click to “Import Settings” and from the “Import Using” category select “MP3 Encoder” or the one you like.
Step 4: From “Settings”, you can select the quality (good, higher, highest or even custom) that you want. Click “OK” once done with your desired configuration.
Step 5: Click on “Import CD”. It will start ripping your tracks.

At this point, you are pretty much done with your part. Let the software do the rest. All you need to do is to wait till iTunes finishes ripping all the tracks. As far as the default iTunes settings goes, you will find all these tracks inside your “My Music” folder (inside My Documents). You can find the default “iTunes Media Folder Location” from the “Edit > Preferences > Advanced” tab. To be more specific it should be something like “My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music” directory. However, it might vary based on the Operating system and some other criteria. You can change the default directory, if you think it’s necessary.

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