Nokia Still Leads On Mobile Internet Traffic Worldwide

by • On Feb 21, 12 16:35pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 18:21pm • 2218 Views

Nokia - Connecting PeopleRegardless the growing popularity of Apple’s iPhone, people around the world are still using more Nokia devices to browse their favorite web sites than any other mobile phone. According to the free web analytics company StatCounter, internet usage through mobile devices (excluding tablet devices) has nearly doubled to 8.5 per cent (as of January 2012) from 4.3 per cent of last year (January 2011). Surprisingly, even three years back total number of mobile internet user was less than 1 per cent (0.7 to be more specific) worldwide.

StatCounter has recently published statistics on various internet traffic related issues like mobile device vendors, mobile browser, mobile operating system etc. These data has been collected from various web sites and their traffic sources who are using StatCounter to get traffic analysis report of their web or blog sites.
StatCounter - Mobile Vendor Worldwide
Image Courtesy: StatCounter

As far as the statistics goes, Nokia still holds 38.36 per cent of the total mobile internet traffic Worldwide. Apple’s popular iPhone holds 27.63 per cent which made them the second most popular device, at least in terms of mobile internet traffic. Research In Motion’s(RIM) Blackberry 12.74 per cent, Samsung 11.41 percent and Sony Ericsson holds 4.79 per cent accordingly.

However, if you look at the statistics of mobile operating systems, the scenario is bit different. Nokia’s very own SymbianOS is being used on 31.7 per cent of total mobile devices with access to internet. Whereas Apple’s iOS holds 22.47 per cent (excluding iPad users). Interestingly, Android is in the third position which holds 19.43 per cent of total mobile device with internet access.

There is no wonder that regardless the global position of Apple’s mobile devices, it is still the king in North America and in United Kingdom (UK). However, lets not forget that Nokia recently released it’s Windows Phone 7 which is also getting pretty good responses from it’s users. Until Windows Mobile gets it’s maturity period it’s quite unfair to give any verdict. So, all we can do now is to wait.

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