How to Use Shortcuts on Your iOS 5 Devices

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iOS 5 LogoAmong all the great features of iOS 5, “shortcut” is something that I really liked. Whether you text or write lots of email from your favorite iPhone or iPad, this little feature could be really handy for efficient typing practices.

The Shortcut basically uses the auto correct feature of iOS 5 which means certain shortcuts can be used to write a long phrase just by using couple of letters. It might sound bit confusing but trust its not as confusing as it might sound. In fact you would love it once you get to know how its works. Let me give you an example, I think that would help you to understand what exactly I meant. Say, you want to write “I will be right back” to someone and send it as a text message or an email, using shortcut feature you can set “brb” as the word which will replace “I will be right back” phrase. So basically, you have to type “brb” which will show your pre-defined pharse instantly instead of typing the entire sentence.

This feature could be really helpful if you are typing something over an over again. You can literally configure it any way you want. Here is a little snapshot for better understanding.
Using Shortcut on iOS 5 - iPadHow to Create Custom Shortcut?
Step-1: Go to settings app from the home screen of your device. From the new window tap on “General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut” button.

Step-2: You should find another window just like the snapshot (above). From the Phrase text filed type the text that you want to make shortcut of and then type the actual shortcut text.

Step-3: Just tap on the “Save” button. You are done.

Following these steps you can create as many shortcuts as you want.

Testing the Shortcuts
As you can see, we already created the “brb” shortcut. So all we have to do now is to go to the Notepad or any other text composing app and type “brb”. As soon as you finish typing “brb” it should suggest you to put “I will be right back”. If you want to continue with that, just keep typing as you normally would do.

I hope this post would help you to understand the “shortcut” feature of iOS 5 little better, unless you already know it. If you find this post to be helpful, feel free to make comments or subscribe our RSS feed. You can also follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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