Global Warming & Bangladesh

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Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated country in the world yet one of the smallest countries in terms of total land area. We are talking about a land which is roughly 55,599 square miles, where more than 160 million of people are living under extreme poverty level. To get a little better view let’s compare the size of this country first. It is nearly the same size of “State of Iowa”, well Bangladesh is even little smaller than that.
Global Warming and Bangladesh

Image Courtesy: National Geographic

Every year, during the rainy season a large number of its land goes under water, especially the southern part of Bangladesh which is very close to the Bay of Bengal. A country with over 230 rivers, many part of its low lying land remains underwater throughout the year. Most of the part of Bangladesh is no more than 12 meter above from the sea level; even 1 meter rise of sea level because of Global Warming would be devastating as 10% of its total land area would go under water. Some scientists predict that millions of people would be homeless within next 50 year due to this problem. Because of loosing its big portion of total cultivating land it will impact on the country’s food production, it would be even more serious as most of the Bangladeshi people eat rice as their staple food.

This is the country which will be highly affected because of “Global Warming” that is the reason why many environmental scientists defined this country as “Zero Ground”. As of “Global Climate Risk Index 2010“, Bangladesh ranked first among 170 most vulnerable countries due to climate change. This report was prepared by “Germanwatch”, an international nongovernmental organization that works on environment and developments issues. I think there is every reason to believe the fact that Bangladesh is really in deep trouble.

As I was born and raised in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, I have witnessed flood, cyclone, tornadoes which are pretty much every year’s event in that part of the world. “Global Warming” is such a problem that will affect all of us no matter which part of the world we are living in. It’s just a question of when & how. Now the real question is what could be done to solve such a problem? To be honest with you, I really don’t have any clear cut answer or instant solution of this problem. Natural disasters are something that we can’t control nor can stop. But yet ofcourse our actions can make the differences. Using renewable energy, planting more trees, protecting & proper utilization of natural resources, strict rules & regulations for industries, protecting our forest ecosystems could be some of the major steps towards facing this challenge.

A very important fact that many of us are not well aware of, is “Global Warming”. TV, Radio, Internet & Print media are doing their part to acknowledge it, summit, seminar are being held throughout the world nearly every day, world leaders are talking about it in a loud voice but very little are being done to face it. I am hopeful & I believe “Together, We all can change the world”.

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