SkyRecorder App Will Let You Record Skype or VoIP Calls from iOS Devices

by • On Feb 10, 12 6:22am • 1653 Views

eFUSION has recently launched an app on iTunes app store which will let you record both Skype or any other VoIP calls from your favorite iOS devices. iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad, you name it SkyRecord is there. This is a very little app which weighs less than even one megabyte of disk space.

SkyRecorder App for iOS DevicesThis app will record the full Skype or VoIP conversation into an audio session. However, this session is entirely dependent on the disk space available on your device. You would have the option to export or import any saved audio session as well. Please note that, this app doesn’t have the capability to record regular phone calls but of course you can use this app as a regular voice recording application.

In order to record any conversation, you should run the app first and tap on the “Record” button then you can launch Skype or other VoIP app to make calls from there. Your conversation will be recorded until you manually stop this recording procedure. Don’t worry even if you are making video calls from Skype, SkyRecorder will only record the audio part from your video call. If you get a regular phone call on your device while the recording and the conversation is taking place, the app will pause the recording automatically. SkyRecorder also supports recording through the device’s speakerphone but this requires the call to be initiated in the first instance, and then switched over to SkyRecorder to record.

This app could be really handy if you are a journalist or may be if you are doing any very important business conversation where you need to keep the track of your conversation.

Other Features:

  • Unlimited recording time
  • Restart recording after interrupt by incoming call on Phone
  • Supports external stereo mic (tested with Tascam iM2)
  • Audio files Export/Import over the USB using iTunes(*.wav only)
  • Supports any OS(Mac,Windows,Linux, etc) to play recorded files
  • Simple user interface

This application was originally made for the iPhone and iPod Touch. However using 1x or 2x compatibility mode you can run it on your iPad as well. You just have to make sure that your device comes with iOS 4.3 or above versions already installed on your device. At a price of $1.99, you can’t go wrong with this app.

Download SkyRecorder for your iOS Devices (iTunes Link).

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