Windows 8 Consumer Preview May Launch on 29 February

by • On Feb 8, 12 23:02pm, Updated: Feb 10, 12 2:35am • 1707 Views

Windows 8 LogoSpeculations  are out there that Microsoft may Preview it’s upcoming Windows Operating system on February 29th, two days after the Mobile World Congress trade show launches which is going to be held in Barcelona. Some press members recently recieved an invitation to join the event. Rumors are so strong that some web sites took one step further and also mentioned the time (3-5pm CET) of the availability of “Public Beta” download. However, Microsoft remained pretty much silent on this issue.

On the other hand PC World reported that, “Microsoft has confirmed with us that is did not announce the launch of the Consumer Preview on the 29th.” If you are following the latest updates on Windows 8 developments, you should know by now that the Windows 8 Developer Preview is already available from Microsoft’s Windows 8 Preview site since September 2011.

It’s pretty much well known that every new version of Windows creates huge buzz in online world but it seems like this time it is going to be really big. At least over half a million times of download within the first 24 hours of Developers Preview’s availability says it all by itself. There is no doubt on anyone’s mind that the changes on Windows 8 over it’s previous version or editions would be really interesting. One thing is pretty sure that the integration of other Windows Products with Windows 8 would be noticeable, especially at the time when Windows Phone 8 is rocking the entire Mobile world. Another product to watch out for would be Xbox 360 which also a very popular Microsoft product for gamers.

Windows 8 Start ScreenIf you already using Windows Phone 8 based Mobile devices chances are there that the upcoming Windows desktop OS would be pretty familiar for you as you can see the start screen of Windows 8. Those who are expecting to run Windows 8 on their ARM processor based devices, most probably you would be disappointed because it might not support tablet devices. However, Microsoft didn’t confirm nor denied this issue but it is very clear that Windows fans are eagerly waiting to get their hands on tablet supported Windows 8.

Since we are not sure about these speculations, all we can do is to wait until the final words are coming out from Microsoft.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Windows 8 will support ARM based processors.

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