New York remembers 9/11

by • On Sep 11, 10 12:29pm, Updated: May 27, 11 12:37pm • 1137 Views

Today New York marks 9th anniversary of terrorist attack on World Trade Center. It’s been nine years since the attack took place back in September 11, 2001. Every year in this very day New Yorkers pays their respect to those who sacrificed their lives in that terrorist attack. But it seems like the environment of honoring our heroes are changing. Especially this September 11 is far different from last few years.

Vice President Joe Biden & his wife, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor David Paterson & other officials were among many of who paid their tribute. Huge public gathering was there along with  NYPD & FDNY officials. Family members of 9/11 victims were there also to show their respect & love for their loved one.

This year, the atmosphere of honoring 9/11 victims were a bit different than previous years. Especially “Ground Zero Mosque” topic added some extra heat in the discussion among many New Yorkers. It was very much clear that Americans are divided into two different group. Some who supports the plan for mosque near Ground Zero, some who opposed. Interesting enough that some 9/11 victims family also supported the mosque plan. To them, building a better relationship with the Muslim world and protecting the civil rights was the main agenda. On the contrary, there were some who opposed it because of the sensitivity of that area, who believes it would be same as showing disrespect tho those 9/11 victims.

However, the religious debate was there. The gentleman you are looking at the photo with yellow sign (The Quran is a lie & hate) was holding a holy Bible & talking to people explaining why Quran is an evil book, some actually discredited him because of his hateful speech. On my next photo this young man & lady were also talking to many people. To them, it’s not about the religion rather it’s more about the rights of minorities.

I have witnessed mixed opinion regarding this total thing which was expected. Meanwhile Pastor Terry Jones arrived New York today with huge security. But I am not sure whether he visited Ground Zero or not.

Anyway, it was a very sad day for me. I pray for all of our heroes & for their families. May almighty God give them peace in their soul.

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