Pidgin: One Stop Chat Client software

by • On Aug 21, 10 5:10am, Updated: May 24, 12 13:33pm • 8110 Views

Pidgin Featured Software
If you are tired with so many chat client software for different chat protocols, here is your one stop solution. “Pidgin, the universal chat client”. This is an open source software and absolutely free. This software supports a wide range of chat protocols including Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, IRC, Google talk, AIM, My SpaceIM protocols and so on. Oh, yes you can use popular chat protocol like Facebook & Twitter too but you need to install “Third Party Plugin” which are free also. You can find them on Pidgin’s site. At the beginning this software was made only for Linux OS but it’s been long since they also support Windows platform too. So, if you are interested to use one Client software for all of your messenging needs. Just go ahead & download this amazing software from Pidgin’s web site.

Things might get little confusing when you will add several chat protocols. It might seem all of your buddies  are from one protocol even though that is not the real fact for sure. To avoid such annoying confusion you can just go to “Buddies > Show > Protocol Icons”. Now it will show the Protocol Icons (logo of yahoo, msn, gamil or facebook) to understand where are they originally from & whom are you chatting with. There is another way to avoid such problem is just to rename their “Group” by protocol’s name. I would say this is simply awesome, you have the freedom to do whatever you want & however you want.

It also includes “Timestamp” so that you can see when you got which message or when offline messages were sent to you, ofcourse you can disable that feature. Not to mention Pidgin supports a wide range of emoticons. Even after all these “Pidgin Lack’s of audio / video chat feature which is one of it’s major flaws. You can send files but you can’t just share any photo or documents with this software.

This software is not ad supported like Yahoo Messenger or some other, so you won’t see any boring ads displaying all the time. Another thing which is really cool of about this software is that you don’t  have to open up multiple window to chat with different friends from different protocol. It will open up only one window & from there you can navigate through tabs to chat with friends.

In a single sentence, this is one of the very best multiple chat client supported software out there with some flaws. Yet, after all these you won’t be disappointed using this software & definitely worth of giving it a try.

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