Over One Billion App has been Downloaded on Christmas Week

by • On Jan 4, 12 5:32am, Updated: Jan 5, 12 21:06pm • 1333 Views

A mobile Analytics and Advertising firm Flurry recently reported that during the Holiday week of 2011, well over one Billion (1.2 Billion to be exact) app has been downloaded jointly from iOS and Android app store.

However, interestingly Christmas day was the most busiest day of the year as 6.8 million of iOS & Android devices were activated and record breaking 242 million app were downloaded at the same day. On the other hand around 20 million of iOS & Android devices were activated throughout the last week of the year. Compare to the First week of December, App markets saw about 60% growth at the last week. Here is the Graph by Flurry that explains it all.

Flurry Analytics

According to Flurry, “This report reveals that the last week of 2011 was the largest week for device activations and app downloads in iOS and Android history.” From Flurry’s informative report we discovered few more interesting market data, such as the list of top 20 countries which had the leading role on setting this New Record.

Here is the Graph of Top 20 Countries around the World.
Flurry's Top 20 Countries
As you can see that U.S. tops the rank with a total of 509 million App download, which is nearly 42.3% of the total (1.2 Billion) App download. Now, it’s not surprising that why U.S. is dominating the list by such a large number? As Flurry estimated that before the Holiday, there were 109 million active iOS and Android devices in the U.S. market. Compared to the worldwide total active installed base of 246 million. I think the Graph is pretty much self explanatory and really easy to understand. So, please feel free to help yourself.

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