Windows 7 Gets Siri Application called Mitini

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MitiniEver since Applidium hacked the native iPhone 4S app Siri and revealed the information on Possible ways of Exploiting this App, so many updates are rolling out nearly every day. Possible Siri replacement for Android devices are already out there.

Now, it seems like a Programmer who goes with the name “Kailash Subedi”, has already created his very own version of Siri for Windows 7 platform. Back in October 23, 2011 on his blog site Subedi explained how exactly he created Mitini. As we can understand by now that Subedi was highly interested on Siri’s technology and found it to be doable for Windows 7 based computers. On his blog post, Subedi wrote:

I took the core from QuikMath and started to play with it, and try to make it like Siri. One main to-do was, voice. Siri has voice! That was one of its greatest features – why type when you can talk?… Finally, I gave it a name – Mitini.

QuikMath is a Previously created application by Subedi as well, which uses web service’s APIs to Present various information through calculation. Here is a little video by Subedi, where he demonstrated Mitini in action.

I personally downloaded this app and tried to play around with this. Initial experience wasn’t that bad, however it’s not as good as iPhone 4S’s Siri, not even close. Once in a while you might get some error message as well which says “Sorry, I don’t get that”. However, lets not forget Apple somehow invested $120 million to get the actual Siri technology. Where as Subedi alone made something very similar to Siri.

This is definitely a positive move by Subedi which might influence some other Developers to come out with their bold move.

Download the Mitini Application for Windows 7.

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