Happy New Year 2012

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Even after all the ups and downs, 2011 was a Great year for me. Yes, I lost my job and got another one in this very year. As you all know by now, the World economy is still struggling to get back on it’s track. Millions of American and People around the World are still paying the Price of this Economic recession. I am not an Economist but I still can feel the heat. May be all we can do now, is just hope for the best & Plan for the Worst. Hopefully things will get better in 2012.

It was a great year for e-dirts family as well. Even though e-dirts was launched in 2009 but it wasn’t that active for many reason. It was 2010 when I started feeling that I really should take this blogging thing very seriously. Why? Well, I am not quite sure what exactly made feel like that but I think it was just my passion that basically pushed me to go for it.

Happy New Year 2012In 2011, We found some great bloggers like Krishnan Dasan, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo and few others on our team. I would like to take this Great Opportunity to thank all of them. I would like to thank all of you, for taking your Precious time to visit our Blog, for making comments and for making Our site as one the top 400k site Worldwide (as of Alexa ranking). I personally believe, with all of your support We can make it better.

Sometimes, things goes terribly wrong and People learn from their mistakes. We did  mistakes too but the Great part of all is that we learned a lot and still learning, every day and every moment. Here is a brand New Year ahead all of us. We hope, learning from our past we will bring more accurate and reliable information for you in this Year. I would like to take a moment once again to thank all of you, for your Support and Love.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2012. Hope this year will bring more Peace and Prosperity to all of our lives.

Iftekhar Bhuiyan
On Behalf of e-dirts.com family.

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