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ReaddleDocs IconIf I were to pick the best Documents management app for iOS devices, I would definitely go for ReaddleDocs. It’s been around a year already since I am using this App both on my iPad and iPhone.

As a student, I got so many eBooks, Notes, Graphs, Lecture sheets to deal with every single day. So, ever since I got my iPad I was looking for something to manage all of these materials in a single place. Finally when I was searching for such an app, I found ReaddleDocs. I read few customer reviews on this app & found it to be really positive. So, I spent $4.99 to buy this app. Now I think it was well worth of spending such an small amount for this awesome app. Trust me, Igor Zhadanov is not giving me a penny for writing this review. Personally, I am just simply delighted with this app and felt a moral obligation to write few words on this app.

Enough Intro, now lets digg it. We will start with the different section of this app and how it works first.


I think this is the most important section of this app. You can Create, Move, Delete and Zip any folder or files from this section. In fact if you upload any Zip file at ReaddleDocs, you can Unzip it over here as well. However, there are options to sort Files or Folders by Name, Date, Type and Size along with creating *.text files which I think is a big plus to take notes when you are on the move.
ReaddleDocs Snap ShotFrom this section, you can Read and View many different file formats. It’s built-in viewer supports PDF, MS Office documents (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and Apple iWork files. You can view popular image formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG as well. Reading PDF on this app was a pleasant experience. You can Annotate and Copy text from any PDF file. Oh, yes you can Bookmark any page too. Another great feature is to be able to import images from Apple’s native Photo album to ReaddleDocs. And for some reason if you store too many files on ReaddleDocs, don’t worry you got a built-in searching option available which is really handy when you are totally lost or just simply tired of looking for files.


This section is pretty much straight forward. Over here, you will find the list of recently accessed files. By tapping on this option, you can also clear up the list, if you think it’s little too big and taking space of your screen.


ReaddleDocs supports a wide range of Online Storage services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.Net, FTP Server and MobileMe iDisk etc. However, Readdle itself will give you 512MB of free online storage just because of Purchasing their app, which was really nice to see. This option also can be used to connect with your Wi-Fi network and Upload, Download or Delete files from your Computer. Ofcourse, you can use the typical USB cable to do the same task from iTunes as well.


I was really amazed to see ReaddleDocs’s very own web browser which comes with Pre-built Google search option on it’s address bar. It makes online Google searching really easy as you don’t need to go to Google’s homepage over and over again. Ofcourse you can bookmark pages and organize them anyway you want. Another great thing about this browser is you literally can download everything from web and save them on ReaddleDocs. How cool is that?

Email Accounts

From this section of ReaddleDocs, you can access your Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud Mail, MobileMe, AOL, Yahoo and any POP3 or IMAP email accounts. However, it’s main function was not only to Check your Emails but to be able to download any attachment files and save them on ReaddleDocs. I really think it’s a great feature. But hey, if you don’t want to use ReaddleDocs’s own email Application, you still have the option to download your Attachment files from default Mail app to ReaddleDocs.

This is it, I don’t want to write about it anymore. Because Reviewing this app was an overwhelming task for me compare to any other app that I reviewed so far. So, basically the conclusion is,”It is one of the very best Document Management app available on iTunes”. Even though this application support both iPhone and iPad, I think it would be more appropriate for iPad users to get this app. No matter what kind of iOS device you are using, this is a Must have application for anyone. We uploaded some screen shots of this app on our Facebook page which you can find from here. You can also find more information on this app from Readdle’s web site. If you get this app after reading our Review, let us know how was it.

Category: Productivity
Seller: Igor Zhadanov
Price: $4.99
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
iTunes Link: Here
Our Rating: 5/5

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