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Google recently launched it’s brand new content reader app for both Android and iOS platform. However,  the basic concept of Google Currents is not something new though. It’s more like an RSS reader with magazine like interface.

Another fancy RSS Feed reader, Flipboard is already out there for iPhone and iPad. Regardless Flipboard’s tremendous popularity, Google Currents has the potential to grow and over take many other similar app. Today in this post I will write about this little app.

Google Currents basically publishes content Feed from many different Google Currents Producer. If you are a site owner, you can even become a Producer to publish you contents.

Google CurrentsHowever, once installed, this app will take you for a brief tour, which will help you to understand how exactly you can use Google Currents. It’s simple. A large number of categories are there which includes business, entertainment, technology, sports, health and science. Under each category you will find lots of Currents Producer. You can just simply browse through or can subscribe any one if you like, simply tapping on “Add” button.

The GUI of this app is simply neat and clean. There are only two tab option available. Library section will show all of your subscription and Trending tab displays latest popular posts from all the Google Currents Producer. You will have the option to Recommend and share any post you like.

This is pretty much a clear cut RSS Feed reader with better interface. On text mode the content loads really fast, however it takes little time to load Multimedia contents. Overall performance of this app  is really good, even though I think Google really need to work on this app to compete with Flipboard.

Here are the links to download this app for Android and iOS devices.

Let us know, whether you are using Google Currents or Flipboard. Oh, one more thing don’t forget to subscribe us from Google Currents as well. Just search with “e-dirts”, that’s it.
Category: News
Seller: Google Mobile
Price: Free
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
iTunes Link: Here
Our Rating: 3.5/5

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