Gmail Circles and Facebook’s new Timeline

by • On Dec 17, 11 12:23pm, Updated: Mar 13, 12 1:49am • 1929 Views

Google has added G+ Circles in Gmail’s label list and Contacts. With this Google is making it very easy to find emails sent by the contacts you have in circles. In other words, it is now easy to filter Inbox according to the circles. After expanding it select any one circle to see all emails from the contacts currently in that circle. Pretty simple isn’t it? Select Circles to view all emails from all circled contacts.

Google CircleSo it is also easy to manage your circles from the Gmail itself. How?

See, if you want to manage all circles, click on down arrow button on the right hand (mouse hover on Circles) and select ‘Edit Circles’. Circles page of your Google+ account will get open in another tab. But if you select Edit Circles of any one circle from the expanded list it would directly take you to the circle page but with the correspondent selected circle.

You can also hide this label from the list. Select ‘Hide’ under ‘In Label List:’. You still can browse the Circles when it is hidden from the ‘More’ in the end of label list. Select ‘Show’ to show it at the top of the list again.

With all this we can understand that Google is working hard to add more people in their circle and Facebook is to expand it’s timeline.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced later about a new feature in Facebook called Timeline. Which is now available for all users. But it does not get activated with itself. You have to do it manually. And we are also ready to help you with that. Check out our latest post How to Activate your Facebook Timeline and fulfil your dreamline.

Well, we always like to hear from you. Tell us what do you like more circles or timelines.

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