Security Flaws Found in Windows Phone

by • On Dec 14, 11 16:33pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 18:20pm • 1375 Views

News are circulating around the web on possible Security flaws that hackers has found recently on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. DailyTech recently reported that, “Hackers can reset your phone via SMS, Facebook, or Windows Live Messenger communications.”

This flaw of Windows Phone affects both the latest build of Windows Phone 7.5 mango and the previous version of it. Khaled Salameh, a Windows Phone hacker has discovered this flaw recently and reported it to Microsoft.

Salameh tested the flaw by sending a simple text message to the hub Message application of the phone. Now, we should understand that this Hub application deals with any sort of message coming to the user. It could be either your regular SMS, Facebook message or even you Windows Live messages. It works just like the Messages app of the iOS devices. Since the attack occurs from the messenging system, it could be trigged by any one of the services that you are using on your Phone.

Windows Phone MangoOnce you receive the message, it causes handling errors within the Hub application and it locks down the device. It also shuts down all the running app that you are using on your phone while you received the message. However, it’s possible to recover by simply rebooting your device but destroys your hub Message app permanently.

There is no solution of this flaw as of today. All you can do, is to wait for the latest updates to patch the security hole. So, just cross your finger and pray not to get such message on your device.

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