Official SkyDrive app for iOS & Windows Phone goes Online

by • On Dec 13, 11 22:26pm • 1619 Views

SkyDrive AppToday Microsoft released it’s SkyDrive app for both iOS and Windows Phone platform. With the growing popularity of Online file storing and sharing services, SkyDrive will definitely play a major role. Even though such services are already being provided by many others.

Microsoft defines,”SkyDrive from Microsoft is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device.”

This app will give you the option to upload, download and to organize your files from your mobile devices like iPhone and iPod Touch to your online SkyDrive account. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason Microsoft still didn’t release any iPad version of this app. But if you really want to use it on your iPad, the only choice you have got is to download the iPhone version of this app on your iPad.

SkyDrive ScreenshotSkyDrive Screenshot
SkyDrive app for Windows Phone platform is also available right now. Basic functions of this app are pretty much the same as the one for iOS. However, Windows version of this app has got more integration with it’s operating system compare to iOS.

It seems like, another online File management app “Dropbox” would be highly affected by the release of SkyDrive regardless their current popularity. One key factor could be the huge gap of available disk space between these two service provider. The free Dropbox account provides 2GB of disk space where as SkyDrive provides 25GB. On the other hand Apple’s very own iCloud could have been another great choice for many Apple’s fan but with only 5GB of free disk space, it doesn’t sound that promising either.

It’s just a matter of time now, to see who really wins in this Cat-Mouse game. You decide. You can download SkryDrive app for your iPhone & iPod Touch from here.

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