Facebook Expanding in New York

by • On Dec 3, 11 11:55am, Updated: Nov 16, 14 18:15pm • 1209 Views

The Wall street Journal today reported that social media giant Facebook is planning to open an engineering center at the heart of New York city. Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg has confirmed this news yesterday on a press conference.

During the announcement, the company has disclosed it’s plan to hire New York-based engineers. Sandberg said,”We will hire as much talent as we can find,” NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Charles Schumer were present during the announcement.

Over the years Facebook has grown rapidly and now Facebook has got over 3,000+ employees and 800 millions of users worldwide. Back in 2007, Facebook opened it’s first office in New York with only 100 of employees. However, Ms. Sandberg added that,”We will be adding thousands of employees in the next year.”

Mayor Mr. Bloomberg said,”We want the next Facebook to start here in New York City….This is where things are happening. That’s why you see universities wanting to move here. That’s why you see companies wanting to move here.”

At present, all of the Facebook’s engineers are working at it’s headquarter in Palo Alto, California which was opened in Seattle last year. “For us, this isn’t a satellite office,” said Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s vice president of engineering, referring to its New York operations. “The office will be core to Facebook’s engineering.”

Among some other major tech companies, Google & Twitter both has moved to the city as well.
(Source: Wall Street Journal)

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