How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Location

by • On Nov 20, 11 20:12pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 16:42pm • 1754 Views

Did you ever see that whenever your friends updates their Facebook status, it shows something like “3 hours ago near New York” (or some other place) right underneath their status? Well, I did. But I just don’t understand that why someone need to show others that wherever he or she is/was? Your friend might be interested to let you know where he or she was but I am not.

Hey, if you want to share your location, I am absolutely ok with that. I got no problem what so ever. But this post is for those who don’t want to share their location on Facebook while they are updating their status. Sounds like its you? Go ahead and read the rest of it.

I am not quite sure how to disable that feature from Facebok but I figured out a way to do that. If you have any better idea, feel free to inform us. We would be more than happy to add your tricks on this post.

When you click on the text field to update your status you might see something like the snapshot given below. Take a look at it carefully.
Facebook LocationDid you see it asks you “Where are you?”, Right underneath the question it shows “New York” as my default location. This information would be published along with my status whenever I post it on my Facebook wall.

To remove your location, just put your cursor on the top of “New York”, it will show you a white colored crossed icon in blue background. Click on the cross sign & you are basically done.

If you are using Facebook app from your smartphone or device to update you status make sure to turn off your “location service” from your device. You should be ok with that.

Sharing your location on social networking sites might not be a very good idea unless you really know why you are doing so. However, sensible use of this service could make your life lot easier if you know how & when to use them.

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