Millenniata Introduces Indestructible DVDs

by • On Nov 12, 11 23:23pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 18:17pm • 1533 Views

Did you ever think of a DVD disc that will hold your valuable data for over a century? Don’t call me crazy because I am dead serious. Utah based tech start-up company “Millenniata” created M-DISC & M-WRITER which is most probably the first permanent optical storage technology available out there. Those of you who used regular DVDs to store your data should  know by now that how vulnerable it is. A simple scratch, sunlight, water literally anything can damage your disc.

What makes M-DISC so special from conventional optical discs is it’s durability. The company claims that, “it cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes.” Now, the first question that will pop up on your mind is that “How durable?” Well, in a simple sentence you can dip it in liquid nitrogen and then boiling water without loosing any data. Can’t believe me? watch this:

The technology behind this is pretty simple yet revolutionary. A typical CD or DVD uses multiple layers of materials, however only one layer is reflective which is used to store data. This reflective layer is basically known as dye layer. During the recording process, a laser “etches” permanent pits onto the reflective layer, this is where the Millenniata technology takes place. M-DISC uses “Rock-Like Layer” instead of dye layer & uses five times more powerful laser beam to record the data & makes physical change on rock-like layer. This is the reason why the data lasts for longer period of time.
M-DISC Writing TechnologyCredit: Millenniata, Inc.

The most interesting part of all is that you would need specific type of burner to record data on M-DISC which is known as M-WRITER but you can read data using any typical DVD ROM. A typical M-DISC would store nearly the same amount of data as a conventional DVD (4.7GB) does. However, the writing procedure would use 4x speed or little lower. Millenniata confirmed that they are working on to increase the writing speed.

Unfortunately, these discs are still expensive. There are three different package of 5pack, 10 pack & 25pack is available as of now which will cost your $14.99, $28.99 & $70.99 respectively. You also can buy the burner from Millenniata’s website. Sounds your piece of cake? Go ahead & give it a shot.

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