Easy Gaming Experience on Ubuntu Linux

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One of the reason why Linux can’t be dominant in the desktop is because it’s so hard to enter the desktop market, said Linus Torvalds in an interview published on muktware. Desktop is a multi-purpose environment where it’s being used by many people with many expectations, including for gaming. Without good balance, it would be impossible for Linux to become a major player in desktop environment just like Windows.

It started long time ago when most UNIX machines were dedicated for research only and even though it has been matured (and thus Linux is born in the hand of Linus) in the last decades, gaming is still not a popular area in most Linux/Unix environments. That should change soon….

Some  desktop environments (KDE and GNOME) has started to integrate games within their environments and fill this gap, but somewhat, it’s not enough. Most users will need more variations on the game to be installed on their machine to fill in their thirst of games. Several Linux distributions has started to include several games into their bundling, but Ubuntu has another way of distributing the game. They include the game entries within the Ubuntu Software Center where it replaces synaptic since some time ago and provides not just application packages, but also games and today, it has reached books. The idea of the new USC is to behave like Apple’s iTunes, even though it’s still a long journey to step up against the iTunes.

If you are Ubuntu users, you are quite lucky as GlennLChugg has made an incredible application called Mega Game Pack which enables the users to download and install any games that has been listed on their database and up to now, it has reached 473 entries. It uses other online repository to update/install games using the old apt-get package management tool.

What are the features of this Mega Game Pack? Here they are:

  • All games are free to install and play. MGP can launch any installed game from client itself.
  • Automatically adds your locally installed games to the client by searching .desktop files.
  • Uses GetDeb and other online repositories to update games.
  • Automatically fetches description and screenshots. You can also edit screenshots and description to add your own versions.
  • All games are neatly categorized into meaningful categories.

Mega Game Pack for Linux

Installation is so straightforward:

  • Download the latest package from this url
  • Extract the package and run the install script within the extracted folder using terminal or via GUI (The ‘install’ has it’s own sudo checking built in, if you run it without sudo it’ll ask you for the root users password, if you run it with it, the terminal will ask you for it, both ways should work equally as well as each other)
  • Double click the Mega Game Pack desktop icon created during the installation
  • Pick a game
  • Click on Install and give the password once again (you will have to do it everytime you want to install/uninstall a game)
  • It will start downloading using the apt-get system
  • Within short time, you will be able to play your newly downloaded games from this application

Enjoy better gaming experience on Linux environments

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