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If you can recall the official Gmail’s blog post of June 30, 2011 by Jason Cornwell, you should have known some of the possible updates of Gmail which were confirmed yesterday. Jason Cornwell is an User Experience Designer at Gmail who wrote, “…we’ve been working this summer to make even more updates and improvements.” Lets take a quick look at the new changes

Streamlined Conversations
This is a new approach by Gmail to make email threads even easier to understand. Added profile picture along with the stripped out mail will let you understand who wrote what.

Elastic Density
This is such a cool feature that I must admire every single bit of it. I use my Gmail account from my desktop or laptop PC, sometimes from my school’s lab or even from my iPad. Now, its quite true that the screen sizes of all these devices are not the same. So, basically the layout changes all the time whenever I change my device. From now on you can change the space between the elements of the design from your settings icon.

New Themes
I am not fascinated by this, however it’s always good to have some extra feature like adding different theme with HD images as mailbox background. Interestingly, all the beautiful high resolution images were provided by iStockphoto.

Smarter Navigation
This is a great move by Gmail indeed. The new navigation panel on the left keeps your labels and chat contacts in view all times, which means even if your mail is like ten pages long you don’t need to scroll back to top to get to navigation panel. Now, it’s more customizable and from now on you can hide the chat area entirely via the chat icon in the lower left side of the screen. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate around the interface.

Better Search
Amazing advance search panel will let you find exactly what you are looking. However, the regular search box is there as well. You can find the advance search panel from the dropdown arrow from the search field.

Here is a cool video where you can find more info.

The new interface switching option should be available to everyone by now. So, if you are a Gmail user and recently switched to new look, let us know how was it?

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