LibreOffice is Coming for iOS Android & Web Browsers

by • On Oct 15, 11 20:40pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 18:11pm • 1655 Views

There are some good news coming from The LibreOffice media team lately. This week’s LibreOffice conference at the Paris has revealed that the experimental version of  LibreOffice for iOS & Android platform along with the Web is about to become real.

The Document Foundation Blog recently reported that well known open source Office package software “LibreOffice” is coming for popular mobile operating systems like iOS & Android. Based on the voluntary work of Tor Lillqvist this office package would be ported for these mobile Operating systems. Lillqvist is a SUSE developer from Finland, who is well known for his contribution on porting GIMP for Windows OS. The LibreOffice Android and iOS port has the objective of bringing the office suite to iPads and Android tablets, and eventually smaller devices like smartphones. The user interface related work has yet to start but the bulk of the code is compiling.

Another great news is, Michael Meeks has also been working on a “LibreOffice Online” prototype, which will allow the office suite to be used from HTML5 web-browsers. This web-based version of LibreOffice would be using GTK+3.2 Broadway back-end that will allow the GTK interface to be rendered within the web browser itself using HTML5 Canvas and other technologies. There is a little WebM video of the prototype application that you can find from here.

Regardless all the fascinating news, we also got to know that these applications won’t be available until late 2012 or early 2013 as they are still part of the advance development projects.

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