How to use Yahoo Messenger for Multiple IDs

by • On Oct 5, 09 23:58pm, Updated: Dec 12, 11 6:21am • 4986 Views

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most famous & widely used IM software for a long time. I have three different yahoo ID for different purpose. So I was looking for something that I can use to log into all of those IDs at a time. I have found Pidgin to be the best Yahoo Messenger alternative but problem was I couldn’t use lots of features that Yahoo Messenger supports, such as Voice chat, Chat room, Internet radio etc. But finally I have found some trick to use the Yahoo Messenger for multiple Yahoo ID.

Remember this trick worked in Windows XP, Vista platform (I didn’t test on Windows 7 yet), with Yahoo Messenger 8, 9 version. If you have Windows 7 installed on your PC & this trick works please let me know. I will update this post as soon as I can hear from you.

Step by Step Procedure
1. Click Start > Run > type “regedit” & hit “OK”. It will open “Registry Editor” Window.
2. From “Registry Editor” Window go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” & locate “Software” sub menu.
3. Select “Yahoo” from “Software” sub menu.
4. Go to “Pager” & Locate “Test”.
5. Now select “Test” & look at the right hand side of the Window.
6. Put your Cursor within the white Window & Press “Right Button” of your mouse.
7. From the “New” menu create “String Value” & rename it as “Plural”.
8. Now select “Plural” & press right button of your mouse.
9. Select “Modify” from the menu & put the “Value Data” as “1″. Close Registry Editor.

You are done with your trick. Now you can open Yahoo Messenger with one of your ID. Click on Yahoo Messenger once again that will open another Yahoo Messenger, you should have been able to log into YM using another Yahoo ID. This way you can actually open as much YM as you want to open. If you like my post subscribe me & click on the ADs below this post. Enjoy & Happy chatting.

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