Taxi Cab Explodes Near NYC’s Times Square

by • On Sep 3, 09 23:06pm, Updated: May 26, 11 23:20pm • 1191 Views

Photo 1: It started with Smoke

Photo 2: Fire started from the Engine

Photo 3: Fire Spreaded

Photo 4: When it was in full bloom, The F.D.N.Y. guys arrived

Photo 5: Fire was Stopped by F.D.N.Y.

This morning at around 9:30am I was in 7th Ave & 53rd Street. I used to work around that area for a long time. I went there to meet with some of my friends. I was talking with my friends about their job & some other stuff. Meanwhile I saw smoke; at first I had no idea. I thought probably something was burning but it grabbed my attention when I saw bunch of people (mostly tourist) were standing close by & were shouting to call 911. When I went there I saw a TAXI cab has got fire. So far I have seen the Engine got fire at first & exploded because it was over heated.

Fortunately the Cab driver was safe. N.Y.P.D & F.D.N.Y. arrived within couple of minutes & everything was under control. I grabbed some photos that I thought to share with you all. Peace.

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